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ToRemindDesign and Development

Toremind is an Israeli start-up that invented a fun online service to help users remember the birthday dates of their family and friends, as well as events and holidays. Any date added to the user’s profile gets sent via text message to the user’s cell phone to ensure that the user doesn’t forget any important dates or events. We liked the idea and used our knowledge to mentor Toremind from inception to operation. We also provided our design and development expertise. We were responsible for the concept, concept design and development of the service. We also connected them to text messaging service providers.



GiftiDesign and Development

Gifti is an Israeli start-up that offers a service to connect between brands and consumers. It does so through Facebook’s capability to provide the consumer’s date of birth. Gifti creates a personal connection between the brand and the consumer: On the user’s birthday, the user receives a wall post from the brand with a birthday greeting and a birthday gift offer. The user can then redeem the special gift offer by showing a code via their mobile device. We assisted with the creative planning and provided our development expertise to set up the website and the Facebook app.


Your MoveDesign and Development

In this project, our goal was to design and develop specialized web-based platforms that use gamification concepts to train employees and staff members. The companies that use this unique platform, Yourmove, include: Microsoft, Intel, Bank Leumi, BDO, Amdocs, Deloitte, KPMG, The Open University of Israel, Check Point, Siemens and more. The many features that we were able to integrate into this platform include: text messaging, online voting during conferences, tablet integration and full web back-office services. The digital design and development services that we offered to our client, Sigalta Ltd. were tailored to meet the specific custom-made web-based training platforms. 


Trading StudyDesign and Development

We created a series of online video lessons and various educational materials to teach about the stock market and activities around trading shares, stocks and futures. The materials we developed were for both free and premium models. We designed several platforms to suit large traders on NASDAQ, as well as mid-size and small companies that trade in futures and Forex markets. This educational platform is also used for training to trade on NICE.


Music Box-TV ChannelDesign and Development

MusicBox is an international established Russian cable and satellite music channel that belongs to Music Box Group. It was founded in 1984 and is a leading entertainment tv channel. It broadcasts 24-7 in various countries around the world and is popular with teenagers and young adults. We developed a series of successful web projects for the channel. We are currently developing the channel's private social network to target the youth market and to increase engagement through the internet in addition to tv. 


Media GroupBranding and Design

Our client is a boutique digital agency that offers a range of services for brands and media companies. We were asked to redesign their website and logo as part of an overall rebranding effort. This project resulted in creating a sleek logo design and a new website that reflects the company’s innovative approach and varied portfolio.


ISEMI CollegeBranding, Design and Development

In this project, our goal was to convey the innovative, entrepreneurial and international values that are at the core of ISEMI’s educational activities. ISEMI offers courses, workshops and consulting from a global team of academicians and entrepreneurs. It also facilitates international collaboration on ideas, at times between parties that would not have had the opportunity to work together. This one-of-a-kind educational platform was at the heart of our rebranding concept development. We re-designed their logo, website and business cards to create a new brand that consistently delivers ISEMI’s contemporary, creative and cutting-edge message. 


iBooks Author DesignWidget Development and Design

This iBook’s design and development project came about as part of a digital book that was created for and presented in a virtual conference on innovation in Israel (IMTC 2025 event). We came up with the creative, art and digital design of how we imagine life and technology will be aligned and integrated in 2025. We developed this widget and story just a few months after iBooks Author’s official release. We are delighted to be part of this digital publishing trend and to be able to offer this service and know-how to our clients. 


Visa IsraelDesign and Development

Isracard is one of Israel’s leading credit card brands. It belongs to the international Visa credit card brand. We were brought on board to develop a Facebook application to promote users to participate in a contest in which they submit stories in return for the chance to win a vacation. The purpose of the holiday contest was to raise brand awareness, to increase the user database and to increase engagement on Facebook. The application proved to be popular and drove traffic and engagement. As a result, the holiday contest campaign was successful and the marketing goals were met.


Haaretz Newspaper Facebook App Development and Design

We worked with the design team of Haaretz.com and developed an application compatible with the vision, specifications and feel of Haaretz.com’s Facebook page. The goal was to increase engagement by giving users a Facebook app to design their own greeting cards for the Jewish New Year. The users could choose the design template for their own greeting, in Hebrew and in English, and send it to friends and family via Facebook. By taking Haaretz.com’s marketing, branding and aesthetic needs into account, the app we created generated a high level of targeted activity. It also increased Haaretz.com’s visibility among Facebook users who celebrate Jewish New Years.

TheMarker FinanceUI/UX Design Consulting

We won a tender to provide consulting services to TheMarker, who wanted an online portal on their website that will encompass and compare financial instruments. This tool is a one-stop-shop for a variety of financial products and services and their comparison. The different features include: mortgages, bank loans, health and nursing insurance plans, travel and car insurance, credit cards and more. This project resulted in creating a user-friendly portal that sets out all the information in organized sections for easy access and use. The features include links to all the companies offering services, interactive calculators for insurance quotes, mortgages, loans, pensions and more, as well as dynamic text of the daily currency rate changes and a news roll.


Prime Minister's OfficeFront End Development

The Israeli’s Prime Minister’s Office has a public service where it posts committee reports on its website for public access and input. The Trachtenberg report was created following a committee’s inquiry (under the same name) to address the need for social-economic reforms in Israel. We were hired to optimize the Prime Minister’s website to ensure that it operates properly on all the popular website browsers so that people can easily read it and comment online. Our front end development activities resulted in users being able to view the report and utilize the website on all the popular browsers, including: Chrome, Internet Explorer 8-10, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Through our optimization and QA activities, our client was able to deliver its role of giving Israeli citizens access to the report when using the major web browsers.


PayPal IsraelBranding, Design and Development

PayPal is a global e-commerce business that enables payments and money transfers through the internet as electronic alternatives to paying with checks and money orders. We were asked by PayPal’s advertising agency Y&R to design several landing pages and Facebook applications. The landing page presented below was based on a contest in which users were required to tell a story, give a link of a product they would like to purchase and open a PayPal account. The ads were launched during prime-time on tv and a rich banner campaign on all major online resources led to the landing page and the Facebook application. The main challenge for us was to ensure that our servers withstand the traffic volume. We were under constant monitoring and performed successfully. We designed the landing page with PayPal's iframes and social elements and the system's back-office exported and analyzed the data. The campaign was a big success. It added value to the PayPal brand and increased the company's user database.


Tel Aviv Business MapDesign and Development

In this project, we developed an interactive web tool for entrepreneurs to find the best physical location for them to set up a business in Tel Aviv. This site includes Tel Aviv Municipality's GIS map that enables users to learn about the characteristics of each area in the city. The user can get information on how to start a business, as well as area- specific information on night operation permits, parking availability, municipal fees, population age and more. This tool runs on data provided by the Municipality of Tel Aviv and is sponsored by Bank Hapoalim, one of the largest banks in Israel. It is hosted on Israel’s popular business internet portal, The Marker.


Tel Aviv MunicipalityDesign and Development

This project was designed and developed for the spokesperson of the Tel Aviv municipality. We created an award-winning mini-website that offers Wi-Fi users easy access to information on Tel Aviv. Users can explore 60 public spots in the city in an interactive way by getting news, information on events and updates. The information is set out in a gamified way to make it a fun and fresh experience: The user can scroll the site by moving an image that is riding a bike, gaining information in an easy, game-like manner. This project is currently undergoing review.


JOY PUDDING CUPSPartial design and Front End Development

We were hired to take part in the re-branding of a line of existing pudding products, as well as the launching of additional products to the new brand. We created an interactive website designed in HTML5 /CSS3, which includes intricate graphic details on each product, explains about the re-branding and embeds a video advertisement. Additionally, during the planning stage, we contributed to the creative art process by participating in the brainstorming sessions for the website art direction, contributing ideas and designing several elements and animations.


MilkDesign and Development

The Israel Dairy Board is a professional association of representatives from the public and private spheres that regulates the dairy farming sector and dairy industry in Israel. They held an educational campaign to raise awareness to the nutritional and health benefits of consuming dairy. This campaign was carried out across a variety of media outlets: TV, print and web. We worked on the web campaign: We designed the Content Management System (CMS) in WordPress, as well as the partial front end development on portions of the video. Our design implementation resulted in the visual effects of a cup filling up with images, spelling out dairy's nutritional ingredients, and the website's overall parallax scrolling. Our worked added interactive and visual elements to the website, contributing to its usability and the campaign's popularity. 


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  •  2008
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    Our designer was chosen to judge the prestigious awwwards.com
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    We worked with a number of start ups and brought them closer to their goals.
  •  2014

    We continue to carry out entrepreneurial visions and make dreams happen.

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